Presenting the Gir Cow A2 BENGAL SPECIAL BROWN GHEE. This unique ghee given its exquisite quality, has a highly aromatic nutty scent, a beautiful caramelized flavour & a wholesome granular structure It is popular in Bengal & other North Eastern States of India, for festive occasions, holy rituals as well as daily consumption. Known in French Cuisine as ‘Buerre Noissette.

Our highly-nutritional Pure A2 Milk is sourced cruelty-free from Gir Cows that are grass-fed & are free range cattle i.e. they roam in the outdoors freely grazing during the day & are not confined in an enclosure. Also, calves are given first milking-preferences.

As per traditional Bilona method, we hand-churn the set curd of the milk to obtain superior-quality Makkhan. Through it’s sustained heating at a high temperature, low flame cooking for 10 to 12 hours we produce our exquisite tasting Bengal Brown Ghee. It’s dense granular form, distinctive nutty flavour & delightful aroma leaves you wanting for more.

Approx. 40 liters of Milk gives 1 liter of Ghee.

• Witness 'The 50 Shades of Ghee'. Our Bengal Special Brown Ghee has a beautiful gradient from a liquid golden brown to a granular hazelnut caramel brown. The consistency varies from batch to batch, as each batch is handmade & hand-churned & would differ as per the season + diet of cattle.

• Your Ghee's appearance will change as per the weather/ climatic conditions, but it will always be delicious to eat, be it a liquid or a granular form.

• We also request you to store the Ghee in a cool, dry & hygienic place. Always use a dry spoon as a wet spoon or water in Ghee can cause fungus.

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Experience an exquisite taste & a delightful aroma.

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