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Indulge in the superfood your Grandma always knew was good for you!

Benefits of Ghee


The purity of our Desi Ghee allows it to deeply penetrate & nourish the body as it passes through the lipid membrane of the cells. For this reason, food nutrients are drawn deep into the body where they can impart most benefits.

  • Its high smoke point (at 250ºC) makes it the ideal medium for cooking

  • High nutritional values of Vitamin A, D, K, E, Omega 3 & Omega 9 fatty acids

  • It is one of the highest sources of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, 9 phenolic anti-oxidants, as well as numerous other minerals. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) helps to lower bad cholesterol & prevent heart blockages

  • Boosts metabolism & improves glycemic profile.

  • Slows down your aging process. It is a substance that gives longevity and balance to the aging characteristics by enriching the living body. It improves the immune system, vision & glow of the skin. It is also used to heal wounds, chapped lips, mouth ulcers.
  • To help cure joint pains, take 1 teaspoon of warm ghee with one glass of milk & a half teaspoon turmeric at bed-time

  • A superfood for pregnant ladies, one teaspoon of daily intake boosts strength. Good for body-massaging newborns.
  • It is known as a brain tonic & is best for strengthening mental health.

  • It improves sperm count and strengthens sexual power. It is good for building stamina.
  • It stops the growth of cancer cells and is beneficial for curing thyroid dysfunction.
  • Helps cure headaches, snorting, migraines, sleeplessness, hair fall, untimely greying of hair.
  • Ghee is packed with butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid that has several benefits, one of which is better digestion. Our bodies actually convert fibre into butyric acid, so eating it makes the body’s job easier. Butyric acid heals the digestive tract and keeps it healthy. Drinking a warm glass of milk with a tablespoon of Indian cow ghee every night will enhance your digestion power. It is an excellent home remedy to improve digestion and cure constipation.

Importance of Ghee in Ayurveda

According to Yogic Philosophy, food is recognized as the great entity of life as it is responsible for the growth of the body. The Vedas, Ayurvedic Samahitas, and Yogic Texts contain frequent references to the Indian Cow Ghee in many places for several purposes such as maintaining health, promoting healing and ceremonial uses. It is likely humans have been making Indian cow ghee since cow milk became a part of the diet. Here are just some of the things that Ayurvedic texts have to say about it:

  • “Ghee – promotes memory, intelligence, agni, semen, ojas, Kapha and medas. It alleviates Vata, Pitta, poison, insanity, phthisis, inauspiciousness and fever. It is the best of all fats, is cold, madhura rasa, madhura vipaka, has 1000 potentialities and so, if used properly according to prescribed methods, exerts 1000 types of action.” Su27#231-232 [2, 3] – Caraka Samhita
  • Ghrita is sweet, mild in action, soft, cold in potency (Virya), not increasing moisture in the tissues, lubricating, relieves upward movement in the alimentary tract, insanity, epilepsy, colic, fever, and distension of the abdomen, mitigates vata and pitta, kindles agni, increases memory, wisdom, intelligence, complexion, voice, beauty, softness of the body, vitality, vigor, strength, and span of life; is aphrodisiac, good for vision, increases kapha, wards off sins and inauspiciousness, destroys poisons and demons.” – Sushruta Samhita
  • “Ghee – is best for those desirous of intelligence, memory, wisdom, good digestive capacity, for those suffering tumors, sinus ulcers, worms, diseases of kapha, medas and vata origin” – Ashtanga Samgraha

Why Gir Cow?

Our Ghee is hand-crafted using the highest quality butter obtained from the milk of the Indigenous Indian Gir Cow. The Gir Cow gets its name from the Gir Forests of Gujarat where it used to originally dwell. It is one of the few breeds in India which have never been cross-bred with any foreign breeds resulting in A2 milk that does not contain the mutated Beta-Casein Protein. This makes its A2 milk and the ghee you get from it highly beneficial for your health.

Here are some important characteristics of the Gir Cow:

The A2 Milk Benefit

A2 Milk is easier on digestion and may help some avoid discomfort. Ordinary cows’ milk naturally contains a mix of both A1 and A2 proteins. A2 Milk comes from cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein and no A1.

  • A1 Milk is found in certain foreign breeds of Cows. A2 Milk is found in Indian Desi Breeds which have never been crossbred. The Gir Cow gives us Pure A2 Milk.
  • The name A1 and A2 comes from the protein known as Beta Casein which has 12 variants – A1 and A2 being two of them.
  • 30% of Protein in the milk is Beta-Casein
  • Human milk is similar to the A2 milk we get from the Gir cow and hence is good for the body.
  • The Gir Cow’s Milk naturally produces the A2 Protein only, whereas certain foreign breeds produce A1 protein which gets broken down into peptides but also creates a new peptide called BCM7. The BCM7 peptide from A1 Jersey cows cannot be broken down by the body and may cause certain disorders, as it is an exogenous opioid which does not occur naturally within the human body & may interfere with human digestive system & internal organs. A2 Beta Casein does not yield BCM7 thus being easy on the human digestive system.

The Process

This is a handcrafted product made in small batches to ensure you consume fresh produce. This allows us to maintain the highest level of quality in every batch that we make & is in the well-being of our cows. We have a perfectly researched & mastered formulation, inspired by the Traditional Bilona Method mentioned in the Vedic texts.

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Care & Maintenance

No preservatives. No chemical additives. It is tried & tested by us, JUST FOR YOU! In fact, we use our Ghee daily in the cooking we do, because we believe in the quality & the standard of our product. Experienc